Sunday, March 8, 2009

POSTING 2: Discuss How Blogging Can Assist Language Learners To Improve and Enhance Their Writing Skills

A very welcome to everyone reading my blog, especially, to Dr. Zaini. In my opinion,blogging can assist language learners to improve their writing skills in many ways.
Firstly, it can instill language awareness in the language learner. For example, when blogging, the writer is aware that people from all walks of life are going to read their post, and thus, this will make them more cautious of the content they post, the language that they use and also the grammatical use of the language. Silly mistakes and grammatical errors can really put off any reader, resulting in the reader not wanting to pursue reading the blog. Consequently, the language learner takes on ways and means to make sure that she exhibits a flair for the language that will raise the quality of her writing.
Secondly, blogging is something that a person does every day. A blog is also called an online diary whereby people can share their experiences and thoughts of the day. Blogging every day will certainly enhance writing skills among language learners. For instance, through the daily practice of writing on blogs, language learners can improve their writing ability. Writing can only be improved by practicing it every day. Just like the old saying ‘practice makes perfect’. As the language learner writes, she will certainly detect spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors and by correcting them, she will in a way, improve her writing skills because she has learnt from her own mistakes.
Thirdly, being language learners, they have a good grasp of the language, making them enabling them to play around with words. This will help them to produce a good piece of writing. After all, a good piece of work starts with the combination of words that make sentences. Good sentences help to produce good writing. Hence, equipped with the necessary skills, bloggers will for sure have no qualms with writing through blogs. Thus, as they write, their writing skills will develop unconsciously.
Fourthly, language learners can also improve their writing abilities by creating a simple draft. Before stating the blogging stint, spend five minutes brain-storming. The draft can be on paper or it can be in your mind. Set a timer, and write anything that comes to mind for five minutes. The only rule is that the blogger should not stop writing. This consequently will prompt the writer to write more. In addition, writing skills will be better and easier and not something that is very hard to do. The best part is that, a draft can help the language leaner to develop ideas quickly before they start typing it onto their blog.
Lastly, in order to improve their writing skills, language learners can instill in themselves the writing habit. For example, three times a day, they can do a timed writing of five minutes. Blogging is one of the ways to enhance the writing habit. All they have to do is to write on any topic that interests them. They have to start by describing things, and move on from there. If they do the five-minute procedure, three-times-a-day timed writings for two weeks, this will help the language learner to integrate writing into their daily lives thus making writing something they love doing. At the end of three weeks, they will certainly have developed a writing habit and this will help improve their writing ability.

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These are the links for the blogs that I like reading
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